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When I was a child, my family never traveled to Disney World. Every summer we would have the same vacation - going to the Poconos where we had a time share. Although I loved this time with my family, I always wanted to travel more and in particular, wanted to experience a family vacation at Disney World. Fast forward to now, and I have taken my children to Disney World twice already. Since the first time I took my daughter, things have dramatically changed. Booking a trip to Disney World can be extremely overwhelming, so I turned to my friends and Disney World Gurus to help me plan my next upcoming trip. When I was talking to them, they provided me with so much valuable insight, that I asked them to be guests on the blog so they could share their knowledge with all of you. Here is the first of many articles written by Jamie and Eric Paul from Journey365.

photo taken by Waldorf Astoria Orlando

photo taken by Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Our family has always had a passion for amusement parks. When Eric and I were dating, one of our very first trips was to Universal Studios in Orlando. Besides a water ride incident, which led to Eric buying me a whole new outfit, (I love rides but not a huge fan of water rides) we had so much fun!  Naturally, when our first son Noah was born, we counted the days until it was time to bring him to Disney World.  At 21 months, we decided it was time!  Noah loved it, but we had an even better time, and so began our Disney World obsession. Since then, we have visited Disney World pretty much every year, sometimes twice a year. That passion turned into a successful travel business where we have booked over 200 families to Disney World in the last 18 months.  Every trip is different because every family is different and we really enjoy helping our clients experience all of the magic that Disney has to offer!

Booking a Disney trip can be complicated: between restaurants, fast passes and planning, it’s really a trip that requires a lot of detail. If it’s not done correctly you could end up waiting on long lines and missing different attractions/character experiences.  

Here are some of our favorite Disney tips:

  1. Stay on property (Will create another article to discuss this topic)
  2. Make sure to pack your magic bands in your carry on bag if flying. 
  3. Get to the park at least 30 minutes before rope drop. Often the parks start letting you in before it opens and the first hour is the best time to do the busier rides with little to no wait times. 
  4. Start your fast passes early.  The sooner that you finish your first 3 fast passes, the sooner you can get your 4th.  
  5. Go towards the end of your time window for your first fast pass.  This way you can do your first two fast passes back to back.  
  6. Take advantage of rider swap passes if you have children that do not meet the height requirement for certain attractions 
  7. Bring water bottles to the parks, especially when traveling in the summer months.  Most of the parks have quick service restaurants with self service beverage stations.  
  8. If you have kids under 8 bring a stroller! You might not use one at home but you will need one there, trust us! 
  9. Bring pins, autograph books and souvenirs from home.  If you have a girl and are doing the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, bring a princess dress.  
  10. Disney offers a great meal plan and if used correctly, it can save you 15-20% of your food costs.  Let us show you how!
  11. Do at least one character meal.  
  12. Visit all four parks and give yourself a day at each. You might think you can split two parks in one day but you can’t. All the parks have amazing nighttime shows as well, so splitting parks will mean missing out on one of those. 

These are just some of the many tips we have to help make your trip more magical.  Contact us at Journey365 and let us show you how!


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