Rompers - Here to Stay

Several years ago I fell in love with the romper trend and I do not see that love fading any time soon! Rompers are the perfect outfit for summer because they are easy to dress up or down.

Plenty of Patches

This past fall I bought my daughter the cutest patch jeans. Every single time she wears them, someone compliments how much they love them. I was so excited when I found patch jeans for me!

Distressed to Impress

When I was a teenager, flare jeans were all the rage. I remember sitting in my grandmother's house and my aunt declaring that she wore them when she was a teenager and refused to wear that style again. Fashion is an endless cycle where new trends are reminiscent of trends in the past. The 90's are making a huge comeback and some styles I am happy to repeat, whereas others I am happy to leave in the past!

Crop Top and High Waisted Pants

I am so happy that the pant trend has moved from low rise to high waisted. High waisted pants are amazing because they not only keep everything tucked in place nicely, they also allow you to squat and sit without having any unsightly body parts hanging out!

Say Yes to the Jumpsuit

The other day I was listening to the radio and the hosts of the show were discussing the latest bridal trends. One trend that has become more popular in terms of bridal wear is the jumpsuit.

Rock & Roll All Night

It always amazes me how much an outfit can affect your mood. Putting on sweatpants makes you feel cozy and comfy and putting on a great pair of high heels can instantly make you feel sexy.

Pop of Red

One of my favorite shoe trends right now is the block heel. This heel makes it so much easier to walk and the height does not put strain on the ball of your foot like a stiletto would. The red color will be sure to add a pop of color to my wardrobe this spring!