The Importance of Accessories

In the past, one of my biggest struggles when putting together an outfit was figuring out which accessories worked best. I never knew what to use in order to truly elevate the look. I started to add more accessories to my collection and slowly got over my insecurities. Now I have become more comfortable and realized what a difference accessories can make.

When you are choosing accessories, think about what you want to emphasize and then build on that concept. The top in this outfit has a lot of beautiful detailing, so I wanted to make sure to allow that detail to shine. I kept the neckline bare and instead wore these beautiful Bauble Bar earrings. They had just enough sparkle to be interesting without taking away from the top. Next, I chose a fun cuff to give the bare wrist some arm candy. Adding the cuff balanced out the look by keeping both arms interesting with unique details. Finally, I finished off the outfit with a fun pink shoe to create an unexpected twist to the black and white look.

black and white 3.JPG

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