Father's Day Gift

Every Father’s Day I try to come up with a fun new gift idea for my dad. A couple of years ago I bought him a canvas print of all the grandkids and last year I bought him a digital frame. This year I was stuck on what to buy until I found this cool watch from Jord.

Jord watches are made from wood which is perfect for my dad for several reasons. The first and most important reason is that it is super lightweight. My dad is a computer programmer so a big and bulky watch will just get in his way at work.  

Another great thing about a wood watch is that it won’t get hot when you wear it in the sun. Metal watches are not ideal for the spring/summer, whereas, a wood watch would not store heat.

Last but certainly not least is the fact that the Jord watch is a unique watch! Everyone has a metal or leather watch but how many people have a wooden watch! It is definitely a conversation piece and one that will be sure to receive a lot of attention.

Reece Series - Golden Camphor & Khaki

Reece Series - Golden Camphor & Khaki

Currently there is a Father’s Day promotion on Jord watches and all customers can receive 15% off!

In addition, I'm hosting a giveaway for $100 gift card towards your purchase! Everyone who enters the giveaway will receive a $25 gift card so there are no losers!! The contest ends July 2, 2017 so unfortunately the gift cards won't be ready in time for Father's Day. However, if you love the men's watch, you can use the gift card to buy one for yourself! Jord also carries a number of women's watches so you can have a unique watch as well! 

The link to the giveaway is https://www.woodwatches.com/g/lifashionablefoodie. Good luck everyone and hope you have an amazing Father’s Day!!

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