Skorts Style

Skorts came back into fashion about 2 years ago and I have to say I am still a fan. I loved them in my teens, and I love them in my 30's. 

A skort is a cross between a skirt and shorts. If you read my monokini post, you know I am all about mixing style combinations. The skort first became popular in the 90's and as we have seen, the 90's fashion is back big time! I saw a post on my facebook page a couple of months ago showcasing those hideous Steve Madden platforms we all had to wear. Some trends from the 90's should be left behind, but the skort is not one of them. Just like the romper, the skort allows you to show a little more leg without showing anything that should be covered up! 

When you wear a skort, you need to wear a tight fitting top or even better would be a bodysuit. The skort is flowy and I like to pair a tight piece with a loose piece to balance out the outfit.

Bodysuit- Suzette   Skorts- Olivacious

Bodysuit- Suzette   Skorts- Olivacious

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