Penelope NY

Thank you for sending me recommendations of stores to visit! By hearing from my readers, I receive insight to what you are looking for when you shop. I recently received a recommendation from Jen Mechanic. Jen has lived in Long Island her whole life and knows the shopping scene in Long Island. Her recommendation brought me to this funky and chic boutique located in Woodbury.

Penelope is a high-end boutique with fashion forward clothing. Their clothing is distinctive and is made with high quality material. When you shop at Penelope you are purchasing investment pieces to spice up your wardrobe. Penelope only carries a limited supply of inventory.  If you see something you love on Instagram, hurry in to grab it quickly, otherwise someone else will snatch it up! 

My first shopping trip to Penelope was a success! I love the flower embroidered trend and it is getting me excited for spring! I found this gorgeous pair of flair embroidered jeans for a casual look and a black off the shoulder ruffle top for a date night.

Penelope also carries the perfect black cold-shoulder sweater. I have tried on many cold-shoulder sweaters and found that the manufacturer cuts the shoulder too close to the neckline. This cut causes the bra strap to be exposed or you have to wear a strapless bra. I hate wearing a strapless bra all day and especially when I am wearing a casual look. I just want to be comfy and not think about pulling up my bra all day!

I am so happy Jen Mechanic recommended Penelope. Please keep the recommendations coming so that I can feature your favorite store as well!

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