Blue Hill at Stone Barns

When I was 25 years old, I was the picture of good health without a care in the world. I had met my now husband a year prior and was very much in love. We had discussed getting engaged and he asked my father’s permission. I knew the engagement was imminent, but what I didn’t know, was that a routine check-up to the ob/gyn would completely change all the plans.

During my exam, the doctor felt a lump on my ovaries and ordered me to get a sonogram to further investigate. After the sonogram, he discovered that the mass was a very large cyst, and that I would need to have it removed.

I visited 2 specialists, each that informed me that it was too dangerous to remove the cyst via laparoscopy because it could possibly be cancerous. If the laparoscopic procedure caused the cyst to burst, the cancer would spread throughout my body.

I was very anxious and nervous to have this surgery and couldn’t think of anything else during this time when I was so unsure about my future. My now husband completely understood, and although he had been planning our engagement for months, an engagement at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, he cancelled all plans.

Thankfully the surgery was a success and they were able to remove the cyst in its entirety. Even better, they biopsied the cyst and it was non-cancerous. A week later, my now husband proposed to me in the privacy of our city apartment.

We have been married for 13 years and dining at Blue Hill at Stone Barns was something we have constantly talked about over the years. Now I can happily say, we finally made it!!

Blue Hill at Stone Barns couple

The minute you enter the road for Blue Hill at Stone Barns, you are enveloped with a sense of serenity. The land is simply breathtaking and from that first turn on to the farm, you already know that you are in for a special evening.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns view

Before our meal began, we were taken to the terrace to enjoy some cocktails. The cocktail list is like nothing I have ever seen before! The ingredients were so unique, and I wanted to try them all!

Blue Hill at Stone Barns drink menu
Blue Hill at Stone Barns drink menu 2

The first drink that caught my attention was the Green House. I had never tried a cocktail with peas before and was truly intrigued!

Blue Hill At Stone Bars Green House

The Green House was light, fresh and the perfect way to start the meal. Now I want peas in all my cocktails!

Blue Hill At Stone Bars Green House 2

After we finished our cocktails, we were taken to the dining room to begin our meal. One of the most important things to know about dining at Blue Hill is that there is no menu. All the ingredients are fresh (literally picked that day), and therefore, the chef creates dishes to compliment those ingredients.

The first course was a simple wood block showcasing fresh vegetables from the farm. My favorite vegetable was a piece of lettuce! Nothing fancy, but it was the freshest piece of lettuce I have ever tasted!

photo from  Well-Traveled Fella

I’m not going to go into detail about each course because there were 20 courses and this blog post would be 100 pages long! Instead, I am going to give you a brief overview of our meal.

One of our favorite courses, which we are going to try to re-create at home, was the Asparagus Burger. The Burger was served on a bed of sesame seeds which adhered perfectly to the bun. The Asparagus filling was creamy and decadent. I couldn’t tell what the Asparagus was combined with to create that creaminess, so I asked the waiter and he told us it was Goat Cheese. This dish was purely genius and so creative!

Blue Hill at Stone Barns Asparagus Burger

Another favorite for us was the Zucchini Sushi. There was a perfect texture opposition with the silkiness of the Zucchini and the crunchy rice. It was a deliciously decadent little bite!

Blue Hill at Stone Barns Zucchini Sushi

The length of the meal at Blue Hill is 3 hours, but because of the interactivity, the time just flies by. Mid-way into the meal, we were taken outside to learn more about the farm and their methods for sustainability.

First, we were taken to the smoker where we learned how they try to utilize every aspect of the farm. The bones that are left over from the animals are turned into compost. It is very important to the farm that nothing goes to waste and every ingredient is honored in its entirety.

The next stop was to the herb garden where there was a private table set for two for us to enjoy lobster rolls. It was nice to have a change of scenery and it felt like we were dining in our own private garden.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns Garden

After we were done enjoying our lobster rolls, we were taken back to the dining room for the remainder of the evening. Throughout the meal, we spoke with the waitstaff who educated us on all of the dishes and surprised us with all the different methods the chef was using to create each dish.

Blue Hill is truly a gem and it is no surprise that is is rated one of the top restaurants in America. The entire dinner was truly an experience and one I will never forget!

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