Walls Wharf - Bayville, NY

Located in the town of Bayville is a scenic summery spot where you can practically dine on the beach. It is the ideal restaurant for little ones, as parents can lounge at the table drinking margaritas, while their children can run around collecting seashells or building sandcastles. The name of the restaurant is Walls Wharf.

Walls Wharf has been in business for over 60 years. It has become a staple in the historic town of Bayville and diners come from all over to enjoy the delicious food and breathtaking views.

The specialty at Walls Wharf is of course – seafood. They offer everything from cold appetizers such as shrimp cocktail and clams to hot appetizers such as mussels or crispy fried oysters. Since you don’t normally see fried oysters on most menus, we decided to give it a try. The oysters were coated in a delicious panko breading and then fried to a beautiful golden brown. Once the oysters were plated, the chef added some chipotle aioli, creating a little heat to the oysters. In the center of the dish was a wonderful creamy spinach artichoke fondue which was perfect for dipping.

walls warf 1.jpg

Walls Wharf is known for their homemade soups and gourmet salads. Always on the menu are the lobster bisque and the French onion soup. We did not try the soups at this visit but I did see someone eating the French onion soup at the next table. I was mesmerized by all the cheese and now I know that I must order it next time! 

We decided to try the gourmet salads and selected the sesame seared ahi tuna salad. The greens were lightly dressed which allowed the tuna to be the star of the dish.  The tuna was cooked a perfect black and blue and was very fresh.

walls warf 2.jpg

If you are not a seafood fan, Walls Wharf does offer dishes such as steak, burgers and quesadillas. I myself love a good seafood dish, so decided to finish off the meal with lobster ravioli. This is the first lobster ravioli I have ever had where there were huge chunks of lobster placed outside of the ravioli, in addition, to the inside. The description on the menu did say half lobster, but I had no idea how much lobster they would actually give! The ravioli was accompanied by a wonderful cognac cream sauce that added a real depth in flavor to the dish.

walls warf 4.jpg

There are many outdoor restaurants on Long Island with waterfront dining. This is the first restaurant that I have been to that is literally right on the water. Walls Wharf is a wonderful place for families to enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.




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