Burgerology - Rockville Centre & Huntington, NY

Milkshakes and burgers have been the hottest food trends for the past year and there are no signs of it slowing down. Restaurants are popping up all over trying to capture some of the success that Black Tap NYC has achieved and I’m happy to report that Burgerology has succeeded in this goal.

Burgerology opened January 2017 in Rockville Center by owner Eddie Galatoulas. The Galatoulas family has plenty of experience in the burger business. Eddie is the owner of Burgerology, and his wife, Georgia, owns the New York Burger Bar in Massapequa - located right down the road! Having such an extensive background in burgers, Eddie was able to capitalize on his knowledge to create wild and imaginative burger combinations.

Burgerology RVC was such a success, that this summer Eddie decided to open a second location in Huntington Village. This new location has been open less than a month and is already showing great promise.

Burgerology’s menu showcases 19 burger options to choose from and you can even create your own burger as well! I asked the waitress to give us some recommendations because the list can be a little overwhelming! She told us that the Juicy Lucy was voted #1 burger in Long Island which was all we needed to hear. The Juicy Lucy is an 8oz signature blend burger stuffed with American Cheese and topped with caramelized onions, pickled cucumber, tomato and house sauce.  The Juicy Lucy can only be prepared Medium or Medium Well. We went with Medium and I was a little concerned it would be over-cooked. Since it is such a thick burger it was actually a perfect cook. The burger was so juicy and the cheese oozing out of the center was pure perfection. I wish I had a photo of the inside to show you the cheesiness!


If you are not in the mood for red meat, Burgerology also serves a delicious Veggie Burger. The California Veggie is topped with goat cheese, avocado and baby spinach. This Veggie Burger goes on the list as one of my favorites. The patty was delicious on its own but the Goat Cheese brought a tart, earthy flavor to the dish.


In addition to burgers, Burgerology also offers wings, mac & cheese, fries, salads, sandwiches and of course milkshakes! One milkshake calling my name was The Rainbow Cookie Shake. I hate when the milkshake is so thick that it has a hard time coming through the straw. This milkshake was smooth, creamy and easy to drink. The hardest part was sharing this with my friend and not drinking it all myself! The frosting on this milkshake was the perfect finishing touch to end the meal.

Burgerology gets its namesake from the scientific way the burgers are constructed. After visiting this restaurant, it is clear to see that the Galatoulas family have studied this field and graduated with honors.



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