That Meetball Place - Patchogue & Farmingdale, NY

After a fun-filled morning at Adventureland, my family and I were looking for somewhere different to go for lunch. We checked my ongoing list of restaurants and found the perfect family friendly option – That Meetball Place.

That Meetball Place was created in 2013 by four foodie friends in Patchogue, NY. They felt that meatballs were the ultimate comfort food and wanted to create a space for people to meet and have a ball!  Their concept is family based and a lot of the recipes have traditions and history behind them. Almost every dish on the menu contains meatballs, and if it doesn’t, you can be sure that you can add them! The Patchogue location was such a success, that in 2016 they decided to open a second location in Farmingdale.

The menu can be a little overwhelming because you have a lot of choosing to do! There are 10 different types of meatballs and then 7 different sauces to accompany them. Since I wanted to try a couple of different options, I decided to order the TMP Sampler which allows you to choose 3 balls and 3 sauces. I ordered the Classic Meatball with Marinara Sauce, The Chicken Ball with Cool Tzatziki and the Lobster Risotto Ball with the Mushroom Cream Sauce.

Front to back - Lobster Risotto Ball, Chicken Ball, Classic Meatball

Front to back - Lobster Risotto Ball, Chicken Ball, Classic Meatball

I started with the Chicken Ball which was made with spinach and feta cheese. I absolutely loved this meatball with the Cool Tzatiki sauce. It was a perfect pairing and complimented each other beautifully.

Next, I tried the Lobster Risotto Ball which was my favorite of all three. The Lobster Risotto Ball contained saffron rice, lobster and red peppers. It contained large, beautiful chunks of lobster and I enjoyed the cheesy rice from the risotto. I could’ve easily ordered 3 more of these!

Last was the Classic Meatball and I was a little underwhelmed. I had such high expectations and saved this one for last, but I wasn’t overly impressed by the flavor.

After the meatballs, we decided to have a light dish to finish the meal. We ordered the Milk and Honey Salad which consisted of fresh burrata, peaches, berries, nut granola, and micro greens in a honey balsamic drizzle. This dish was incredible! It had the right amount of creaminess from the burrata and sweetness from the honey and fruit. The nut granola brought in lovely texture and rounded out the dish. I highly recommend this dish.

LI Fashionable Foodie - That Meetball Place Burrata Salad

That Meetball Place has succeeded in bringing excitement to the basic meatball. There are so many different flavor combinations that you can create a new experience every time you dine here. In addition to the family friendly atmosphere, That Meetball Place also offers a fun date night on Thursday-Saturday with either a DJ or live music.




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