Harbor Mist Restaurant - Cold Spring Harbor, NY

One of the best things about dining on Long Island is the water views. When I look for a restaurant in the summer, I try to find one that is either outside or has a view of the water. I currently have an ongoing list of restaurants that I want to try. One of the restaurants on this list was the Harbor Mist Restaurant in Cold Spring Harbor. I'm not sure if this was suggested to me by one of LI Fashionable Foodie readers, so if it was, thank you to whomever suggested it!

Before we visited Harbor Mist, I did a google search to look up the menu and to gather more information about the restaurant. One important thing that I discovered, was that the upstairs dining room was where you wanted to be. The downstairs of the restaurant, especially the bar area, is a little old-fashioned. When you go upstairs, the restaurant completely transforms into a modern space with beautiful panoramic views of the water.

Once we were seated, we all ordered cocktails and were served a bread basket with a plate of hummus. The hummus was very light and well-seasoned. I kept going back for more. I ordered a lychee martini for my beverage and not only did they bring me a glass full of the cocktail, but a huge shaker as well. The shaker was able to fill up 2 additional glasses of the lychee martini. Harbor Mist definitely gives you your money’s worth on the cocktails!

Harbor Mist is owned by husband-and-wife Barman and Michelle Sharifi. The couple previously owned La Taverna in Roslyn which is now closed. When they created the menu for Harbor Mist, they decided to focus on Italian seafood cuisine.

We started our meal with the Tuna Tacos. Usually when I order tuna tacos, they are raw, so I was surprised that the tuna was cooked. The description did say blackened tuna but I must've glanced past that and focused on the mango salsa and crispy wonton shell part instead. The tacos come four to a plate and each had a slice of ginger on top. I really enjoyed the addition of ginger and it gave the taco a refreshing flavor. My favorite part of the taco was the wonton shell. It was crunchy and added a wonderful texture to the dish.

Harbor Mist Tuna Tacos

Next, we ordered our entrees. We were out with another couple which gave me an opportunity to photograph and try other dishes! I ordered the Jumbo Shrimp Provencal. This dish was served with spinach, diced tomatoes and roasted garlic, atop cheese ravioli in a fish butter sauce. The sauce was light and flavorful and worked well with both the shrimp and the ravioli. I enjoyed all the components of this dish together and on their own as well.

Harbor Mist Shrimp

My husband ordered the Seared Sesame Yellow Fin Tuna. This dish was served with a papaya salad and brown sushi rice in a wasabi vinaigrette. The tuna was seared perfectly and had a lovely black and blue presentation. The papaya salad kept the dish both sweet and refreshing.

Harbor Mist Tuna

The last dish I sampled was one of our friend’s entrees. He ordered the Spicy Sicilian Ricotta Meatballs with spaghetti. The meatballs were soft, chewy and had a nice amount of heat to them. It was served in a steel bowl so you could really appreciate the depth of color in this dish.

Harbor Mist meatballs

If you are looking for waterside dining and views of the harbor, Harbor Mist is a great place to dine. They are open daily for lunch and dinner, and also offer a special menu for Sunday Brunch.

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