Jackson's Restaurant - Commack, NY

One of the first restaurants my husband and I dined at when we moved to Long Island was Jackson’s Restaurant in Commack. Jackson’s Restaurant features an extensive menu in a low-key setting, making it a perfect restaurant selection for any time of day.

Jackson’s Restaurant is the creation of restaurateur Art Bloom and his daughter Shelby Poole. Originally known as the Blue Oyster Grille, Art and Shelby took over the space and transitioned it to a delicious Gastropub. In addition to the vast food menu, Jackson’s Restaurant also features a number of craft beers that are displayed on a chalkboard in the main dining room. I am not much of a beer person but the descriptions sound amazing and it makes me want to try them all! My husband is a huge craft beer drinker, so he is always happy to sample something new on tap.

I’ve visited Jackson’s Restaurant for brunch, lunch and dinner. My favorite time of day to visit is for lunch, so I can order the Pick ‘3’ lunch combo. The pick ‘3’ allows you to choose from 3 different categories to try a sampling of the most popular items. Without fail I always order the French Onion Soup, the Graffiti Salad and then I do like to change up the sandwich choice. For this visit I ordered the steak tacos.

The French Onion Soup has the perfect amount of ooey gooey cheese and the onion broth is deliciously salty. I rarely go to Jackson’s Restaurant without ordering this soup.

The Graffiti Salad is a nice counter balance to the soup. The salad is light with a nice sweet essence from the fruit components. The honey mustard dressing completes the salad and is one of my favorite dressings.

The Steak Taco was cooked perfectly and I liked the flavors but it was a little dry. I think adding another component such as guacamole or sour cream would elevate and help to complete this dish.

In addition to the Pick ‘3’ combos, Jackson’s Restaurant also offers a wide variety of appetizers that are perfect for sharing. I decided to try the tuna tacos and the spinach dip. The tuna tacos are fresh and I love the spiciness of the chipotle aiole. The spinach dip features hearty pieces of spinach and is not overly creamy.

Jackson’s Restaurant is one of my family’s favorite restaurants to visit. Dining with little ones is never easy, but the laid back vibe and extensive menu make Jackson’s Restaurant a perfect restaurant for the entire family.

Pamela LiptonComment