Sandbar Restaurant - Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Sandbar is a beautiful restaurant located in the quaint village of Cold Spring Harbor. Upon entering the restaurant, diners are greeted by a spacious bar with a lively scene. The dining room is also a thing of beauty, as it features a bright room with plenty of windows and nautical themed décor.

The menu at Sandbar consists of American food with a French twist. The mastermind behind the food is Executive Chef Guy Reuge. Before opening Sandbar, chef Rouge was the Executive Chef at Mirabelle Restaurant in Saint James and Mirabelle Tavern in Stony Brook. Chef Rouge wanted to open a restaurant in the Huntington area and found his perfect spot in Cold Spring Harbor.  

My husband and I dined at Sandbar on two different occasions. The first time we dined here, our meal had some hits and misses. The second time we dined here, everything was a homerun! This article is based on our second dining experience. If you order any of these items, you will be sure to leave Sandbar happy!

We started our meal with the well-known chickpea fries. The first time we dined here we were a little suspicious and we were unsure what exactly chickpea fries were. We did not order them the first time which was a huge mistake! When you come to Sandbar, you must order these fries! They are so creamy and the fries just melt in your mouth. The sriracha aioli adds a nice spicy element and kicks up the dish a little bit. My husband and I could not believe how delicious these were! 

Both times we dined at Sandbar we ordered the half seafood tower. Sandbar’s ambiance elicits the feeling of being in Montauk or a beach town so the seafood tower just seems like an appropriate dish to order. Sandbar’s seafood tower is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The tower includes a huge piece of lobster, big lumps of crab and the best raw scallops I have ever eaten. The way the scallops are prepared gives them a salty and sweet flavor. 

The seafood tower is so large that for our next dish we went small and ordered the duck tacos. I apologize as the picture below does not do this dish any justice! These tacos were reminiscent of Asian meets Mexican in terms of flavor profile. The jalapeno added a nice heat, whereas the hoisin sauce brought in a nice sweet element to balance out the dish. 

We finished our meal with the ricotta donuts. The donuts were served with three dipping sauces – caramel, spicy chocolate chili and white chocolate raspberry. The donuts were so light and airy which was a perfect ending to the meal.

Sandbar’s décor and food invokes a feeling of being away on vacation and not in the middle of Cold Spring Harbor. Guy Reuge has created a wonderful menu to entice diners to keep coming back for more. I’m very happy we chose to dine at Sandbar again because our second experience more than made up for the couple of misses we experienced the first time.   

Pamela LiptonComment