Hush Bistro - Huntington, NY

This article was published before the Huntington location opened and the Farmingdale location closed. All food comments are still relevant to the new location.

Hush Bistro is one of my favorite Long Island restaurants. Chef Bynum serves innovative, fresh food in a small, intimate space. The open kitchen concept allows diners to get a full view of the inner workings and provides entertainment to the dining experience.

My husband and I first dined at Hush Bistro two years ago for our anniversary dinner. We had read about Chef Bynum and were very excited to see him in action. We were seated right by the open kitchen which was a special treat for us. It was so much fun watching Chef Bynum cook and seeing the interaction between him and his staff. If you can snag the table by the kitchen when Chef Bynum is there, I highly recommend it!

Chef Bynum grew up in Farmingdale and worked as a chef at several Long Island restaurants before opening Hush Bistro. He also competed on the television show “Chopped” in which he was victorious two times! If you’ve never watched the show, competitors are given a basket full of unknown ingredients and they have to whip up a dish using those ingredients as the star. This is not an easy task, so it just further showcases the skills of Chef Bynum.

The small restaurant consists of mostly tables for 2 and a larger table in the front. During the warmer months, Hush Bistro opens the front doors to allow for larger tables to dine. In addition, there are seats at the bar that you can eat at as well. My husband and I have eaten at the bar multiple times. We really enjoy it because there is a TV at the bar that plays cooking shows which is always fun to watch while you are dining out.

Chef Bynum is constantly changing the menu depending on the seasonality of the ingredients. Thankfully, one dish that is an exception to this rule seems to be the cornbread and biscuits. It is served with a delicious mixed fruit jelly and maple butter. The biscuit literally melts in your mouth. It is so buttery and the jelly is so fresh and sweet. The cornbread is so crumbly and you can tell it is homemade. Adding the maple butter really elevates the flavor profile and changes the entire taste of the dish. By far the best cornbread and biscuits I’ve ever tasted. 

After the cornbread and biscuits, we decided to order some new dishes on the menu. One of these dishes was the steak tartare. This dish is served with salsify, parsley, confit garlic and a quail egg. The presentation of this dish was just gorgeous. We almost didn’t want to break into this perfectly cooked egg but were very happy once we did! Mixing all the ingredients together provided a nice contrast of creamy and crunchy.  

I am not usually a cauliflower fan but the description of Chef Bynum’s cauliflower peaked my curiosity. It is burnt cauliflower served with golden raisins, sunflower seeds and chives. This dish was another thing of beauty as well. The cauliflower is served in a black skillet which not only keeps the cauliflower warm but serves as a great backdrop to showcase the vibrant color of the cauliflower. The raisins for me were the key to the dish. That sweet flavor is one I have never experienced with cauliflower. If cauliflower always tasted like this, I would have a new go to vegetable. 

hush 3.jpg

Our last dish was the duck fettuccine. This dish was served with fava beans, pickled golden raisins, agridolce compote, fried caper crumbs, a poached egg and duck prosciutto. The fettuccine was al dente and fresh. The dish had wonderful flavor but we were disappointed by the amount of duck. My husband and I shared it, so maybe if one person ate it, they would feel it was fine. The name of the dish is duck fettuccine so we just expected a large amount of duck. The duck we did have was very delicate with a little salty finish. All the ingredients complimented one another to make a lovely surprisingly light pasta dish.

The name Hush was selected for this restaurant because Chef Bynum believes the food should speak for itself. With the amazing flavor profiles Chef Bynum is creating, the food is speaking loud and clear! 

Pamela LiptonComment