Soul Brew - Saint James, NY

Located in the town of Saint James is a quaint coffee shop creating unique lattes and delicious dishes. I discovered this coffee shop by a recommendation from one of their regular customers, Debbi Spiegel.  

Soul Brew opened November 2016 and is the brainchild of Kristin Walsh. Kristin worked at a coffee shop in Miller Place but always dreamed of owning her own place. She was supposed to take over ownership of the restaurant where she was working but plans fell through. Two of Kristin’s customers believed in her vision and decided to back her dream. Together, Soul Brew was born.

The décor of Soul Brew is artistic and reminiscent of a place you would find in Manhattan. It is small but not cramped. There is a beautiful mural on the wall and a cool bar located in the back. I loved the fact that there was a chalkboard in the front with the Wi-Fi network and password. It’s these little details that mean a lot to a customer, especially ones with children needing to use their iPads for YouTube!

I’ve been following Soul Brew on Instagram and they post the most beautiful photos of their lattes. I was meeting a friend for breakfast after I dropped the kids off at school, so I had to remember not to have my morning coffee. I very rarely used to drink coffee, but after 2 kids, it has become a necessity! Soul Brew offers 17 different types of flavored lattes and 4 sugar free lattes. In addition, you can also order coffee, tea and espresso. The day we went to Soul Brew they were also offering 2 specialty lattes. I ordered the rainbow cookie (a regular flavor on the menu) and my friend ordered the butterbeer (special flavor of the day). I like my coffee sweet, so the rainbow cookie was perfect for me. It tasted chocolaty with a hint of raspberry. It definitely did not need any sugar! My friend enjoyed her butterbeer flavor but couldn’t get through the whole cup as she felt it was a little too sweet.

Soul Brew’s menu has the standard eggs and pancakes, but for the more adventurous foodie, Soul Brew also features really unique dishes. For example, March 18th & 19th Soul Brew’s brunch specials were Meyer Lemon French Toast Cups and Dorito-infused Grilled Cheese.  Definitely not your typical brunch dishes! I’m trying to incorporate a healthier breakfast into my routine, so I ordered the Avocado Toast with a hard-boiled egg on top. The bread used for the toast was multi-grain and it was toasted perfectly. I liked the crunchiness of the bread in contrast with the smooth, creamy avocado on top. The toast was sprinkled with sea salt and red pepper flakes which added a nice heat element to the dish.  

With Soul Brew’s ever changing brunch menu, it is easy to see why this restaurant has become a local hot spot in just a couple of months’ time. When I visit again, I will be sure to order one of the more daring items on the menu! 

Pamela LiptonComment