Rustic Root - Woodbury, NY

When I first became a mother my days consisted of Mommy & Me classes and then lunch with the moms after class. Our favorite restaurant for lunch with the babies was Laguna Grill in Woodbury. It was a laid- back environment and nobody cared if your baby was crying in the corner (which mine was most of the time!) As my daughter aged we went back to Laguna Grill all the time for the kids eat free menu. I was so disappointed when this restaurant closed. This disappointment quickly subsided when an amazing farm to table restaurant took its place.

Rustic Root opened in June 2016. It was created with the concept of using organic local ingredients and a menu inspired by the seasons. This restaurant is owned by Keith Giannadeo, Jim Rehm and chef Thomas Gloster. The owners have spent many years in the restaurant industry and chef Tom is also a Food Network Chopped Champion.

I discovered Rustic Root from a Facebook group called Tri-State Restaurant Club. This group was created by Neil Foster with the purpose of bringing foodies together to share new restaurants or to help other group members find restaurants in a specific area.

The décor in Rustic Root is very simple and natural. As the name suggests, it has a rustic feel. The dining room is clean, open and features beautiful wood tables.  

I’ve eaten at Rustic Root several times but only for lunch. I have heard their cocktails are amazing, but as a mom driving around all day I skip them during my lunch hour! This afternoon I met my friend for lunch and we decided to share a couple of dishes.

Our first dish was the deviled eggs. I can cook many things but one thing I have not perfected is the art of hard boiling an egg! The eggs were hard-boiled and filled with egg yolks, caviar, Dijon mustard and sherry.  The Dijon mustard gave it a nice level of spice and the caviar and sherry brought out the flavor of the yolk. It was a lovely little bite to start our meal.

The second dish is something I would not normally order but my friend wanted it so I decided to give it try. This dish was chicken liver pâté. Pâté is a mixture of cooked ground meat and fat minced into a spreadable paste. The pâté was served with onion jam, grain mustard, cornichons, sea salt and little pieces of bread. This pâté was smooth and creamy and I loved adding the additional ingredients to try to change up the flavor profile. Overall, this is probably not a dish I would order again as I am not a big pâté fan but my friend who wanted to order it loved it. 

Our last dish was my favorite. This dish was the Fig Out salad. This salad consisted of caramelized figs, prosciutto, goat cheese, salt & sugar pistachios, and arugula dressed with balsamic. I absolutely loved the sweet and salty combination of this dish. Everything in this salad was fresh and the flavor was well balanced. While my friend was busy with the pâté, I had some extra helpings of the salad!

Rustic Root is a home run in the Woodbury shopping center. While I was upset to see Laguna Grill go, I am very happy with its replacement. I am looking forward to the spring menu to taste the new dishes created by chef Tom.

Pamela LiptonComment