Robinson's Tea Room - Stony Brook, NY

Parent/Teacher conference day at my daughter's school gave me a rare opportunity to have a day alone with her. I've always loved Alice's Tea Cup and was prepared to head to the city when my friends told me about this amazing tea room right here in Long Island!

Robinson's Tea Room is a quaint restaurant located in the Stonybrook Village Center. The décor is warm and antique which gives it a cozy at home type of feeling. My daughter loved the fancy tea cups and plates that are different on every table. We felt like we were at a real tea party!  

It was our first time at this restaurant and we wanted to sample as much as we could of the menu.  The waitress recommended we try the British Afternoon Tea Service. The service consists of a 3 tier tray with your choice of scone,  pre-determined savory selections, desserts and unlimited pots of tea. Robinson's Team Room offers 75 varieties of tea so we wanted to try as many as possible!

Our tea selection began with an order of the Vanilla Cupcake Rooibos. I decided to order only herbal and decaf teas as I did not want my 6 year old daughter bouncing off the walls for the rest of the day! The waitress brought us the pot of tea and instructed us to let it steep for two minutes before taking out the tea leaves. I am a big fan of sweet teas and this one was absolutely delicious. I usually add a lot of sugar to my tea but this needed just a dash. It was perfectly light and sweet and had a wonderful aroma. My daughter was not a fan but she has never had tea before. I think it was just a different flavor than she was used to. 

While I was enjoying the tea, the waitress brought out the beautifully arranged tier of food. We chose the Orange/Cranberry scone for our first tier. The options for the day were Orange/Cranberry and Matcha White Chocolate Chip. Robinson's Tea Room also makes a chocolate chip scone but it was not going to be ready for an hour.

The scone was served warm and buttery and full of fresh orange and cranberry flavor. The raspberry jam and clotted cream served with the scone brought the flavor profile to an entirely new level of both richness and flavor.

The second tier consisted of little bite size sandwiches and finger foods. The selections were tuna, chicken salad, ham salad, ham quiche, turkey and shrimp phylo. My daughter was a very picky child growing up. I actually read the book "It's Not about the Broccoli" to learn how to make her eat a wider variety of foods! She ate every single thing off of the second tier! I couldn't believe that she was trying shrimp and not even thinking twice! We ordered a second pot of tea to accompany this tier.  Since my daughter did not like the Vanilla Cupcake Rooibos tea, we decided to try the mint tea since it was a more basic flavor.

Once we finished off the second tier it was time for dessert. The dessert tier consisted of a petit four, fruit custard tart, chocolate éclair, and a lemon meringue tart.  All of the desserts were delicious but my favorite was the lemon meringue pie tart. The pie was sweet and tangy while the meringue was light and fluffy. To accompany our final tier we ordered our final pot of tea. We ordered the Almond Sugar cookie tea. This pot came with a bit of whipped cream and caramel to add to the tea. We liked the additions to the tea and felt like it made the tea a bit fancier.

I'm so excited to have found this hidden gem and to share it with you so that you might enjoy it as well. This restaurant was not only a fun experience but a delicious one as well! 

Pamela LiptonComment