Bobbique - Patchogue, NY

Located in the town of Patchogue is one of Long Island’s oldest barbecue joints. It opened June 2006 and has been a staple on Main Street ever since. People come from all over to sample Bobbique’s fresh dry rubbed meats that are smoked to perfection in “The Pit.”

Bobbique is a casual, open-spaced, no-frills restaurant. With paper towels on the tables to use as napkins, you know you are in for some real deal barbecue action. The menu features your typical barbecue dishes, as well as, some stand-out specialties in the snacks section of the menu. Some of these specialties include Table Fries for Two, Pulled Pork Eggrolls, Bacon Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks and Empanadas that are stuffed with Mac ‘N’ Cheese and Brisket. I wanted to order them all, but settled for two of them on this visit.

The two snacks we decided to try were the Table Fries and the Mac ‘N’ Cheese Brisket Empanadas. The Table Fries were literally served on a paper placement on the table! I was definitely not expecting that! Then they placed tender, juicy pieces of brisket on top and finished it off with some homemade gravy. One of my friends mentioned that the only thing that would make this dish better would be to add some cheese. The waitress overheard and poured some melted cheese on top. I would come back to Bobbique a million times just to eat the Table Fries again. By far the best fries I have ever had!

Table Fries from Bobbique

The Mac ‘N’ Cheese Empanadas were fried to a golden brown and had a nice flaky shell. The inside of the empanadas was a perfect contrast, as it was soft and juicy from the brisket.

Mac N Cheese Empanadas from Bobbique

After these two appetizers, I decided to be healthy and order a small house salad. I know, very boring of me! I did add some bbq shrimp to the salad so I could sample more of Bobbique’s barbecuing skills. This was the perfect finish for me, as I could not handle another savory dish after the two appetizers.

Salad with BBQ shrimp - Bobbique

My husband however, decided to stick to the theme of the evening and continued to sample Bobbique’s specialties. He finished his meal with a classic pulled pork sandwich. The pulled pork was pull-apart tender, smoky and juicy – just the way it should be.

Pulled pork - Bobbique

Come for the food and stay for a show! In the back corner of the restaurant is a small stage in which local bands perform. Right when we finished our meal, a band took the stage and played some great classic hits.  It was a perfect final touch to the evening and one we will be sure to remember! 

Bobbique is a great place to dine with the family or for a casual date night. Great lengths are taken to put forth the best smoked, fresh meats. It is no wonder this restaurant has solidified its spot in this hot area of Long Island.

Pamela LiptonComment