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Let’s face it, the worst part of cooking is the prep work. My husband and I always joke around saying that it would be amazing to have our own private sous chef in the house. We enjoy the cooking aspect but sometimes all the chopping and measuring takes so much effort, that by the time we are ready to cook, we are exhausted!

I started looking into ways to expedite the cooking process and I found Home Chef. Home Chef is a meal kit delivery company that sends you everything you need to make a quick and delicious home cooked meal. Everything is pre-portioned and all the ingredients are fresh!

One of the main things I love about Home Chef is that you can choose your dietary restrictions. My son has a peanut allergy, so I selected no nuts. Being that there are so many people with allergies or aversions to certain ingredients these days, I think this is a wonderful feature and one I was really glad to see. Home Chef also offers low-calorie, vegetarian and heart-healthy options so there is a perfect meal for everyone!

I’m a busy mom that has lots of after school activities, but I still want a quality meal at the end of the day. Home Chef has a list of dinner options for you to choose from and many are meals you wouldn’t even dream about making during the week. The meals I choose for my first order were Pork Shumai Meatballs and Shrimp and Grits. I have never made either of these dishes before, so I was excited to introduce some new dinner options to my family.

At first, I was concerned about having fresh ingredients delivered to my house if I wasn’t there to accept them. Like I said, I’m always running around with the kids after school, so I never know what time I am actually going to be home to accept the delivery. Thankfully, Home Chef will leave the kit on your doorstep in packaging that keeps it cool for 24hrs. When I got home from my children’s activities, my box was sitting right outside my door.

home chef delivery box.jpg

When I opened the box, I was delighted to see how nicely everything was packaged. Everything was in its own little bag and I had little to no prep for the recipe. The only prep I needed to do for the meatballs was to slice the green onions and mince the garlic. How easy is that!

home chef unpacking 1.jpg
home chef meal prep.jpg

I followed the recipe using the beautiful recipe card provided by Home Chef. The recipe card lists all of the instructions and shows a photo of what the final meal should look like. I read all of the steps and was ready to start cooking.

home chef cooking meatballs.jpg

The final product looked exactly like the photo provided on the recipe card. The meatballs were quick, easy and approved by the whole family!

home chef meatballs.jpg

I absolutely loved my first experience with Home Chef! One of my biggest pet peeves of cooking is throwing out the leftover ingredients that are going to spoil if I don’t use them right away. There is nothing worse than buying a bunch of basil to only use a couple of leaves. It is a waste of food and money. Home Chef contains pre-portioned ingredients in each box that provide you with exactly what you need to create each meal. The cost for the box is $9.95 per serving and Home Chef offers 15 weekly menu options, so the variety is endless!

To get you started, Home Chef is giving all Fashionable Foodie readers $30 off their first Home Chef order by using code PAMELA30. You can access the Home Chef website by clicking here - www.homechef.com

If after trying Home Chef you decide it is not right for you, or you just want to skip a week, there are no binding contracts, ever, so you don’t have to feel locked in. Another great option is to utilize Home Chef when you are entertaining. Measuring and chopping for a lot of guests takes all the fun out of hosting, so turn to Home Chef to handle that aspect. Home Chef has an option where you could “Double Up” and order 4 servings so you get twice as many ingredients for your guests.

In addition to dinner, Home Chef also offers 5 Minute Lunches. These lunches consist of salads, sandwiches and grain bowls that could be prepared at home or even in the office kitchen!

For all these reasons. It is no surprise that Home Chef was rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction from Market Force Information, an independent third-party study.

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