Swimsuit Season

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Swimsuit Kate Spade | Kimono Vici (Similar) | Hat Rag & Bone | Necklace Luv AJ  | Sunglasses Ray Ban | BRACELETS The Styled Collection (one, two, three)

Swimsuit Season is here! Since bathing suits get the most abuse - chlorine from the pool, sand from the beach and constant washing, I find that I need to throw out at least 2 bathing suits at the end of each season. Luckily that means I get to find new styles each summer to replace them!

Recently I purchased 2 bathing suits from Amazon that were an amazing $20!! When I opened one of the bags for the bathing suits, the smell was beyond terrible! I’m sure it came straight from a factory and it was beyond cheap. I couldn’t imagine even trying it on because I did not want the smell on my body! I didn’t even attempt to open the 2nd bag and they both were sent back to Amazon for a full refund! The age old saying is correct - if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

After this experience, I decided to head to the mall to try on bathing suits so I can see (and smell) them in person! The bathing suit I am wearing is one of the bathing suits I found. After seeing this bathing suit online, it seems that it is supposed to be a halter and the string I tied should go around the neck. I like it both ways, so style it how you like!

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In addition to this bathing suit, there are a number of new gorgeous styles online. Here are some of my favorites. I only choose brands that I know and love, so this way you can be sure you are ordering quality!

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