Sunday Shopping

Yesterday I decided to go through my closet and get rid of any items that I either haven’t worn in a while or that I am tired of wearing. Needless to say, it was a big purge and now I have a lot of shopping to do!

Today my daughter had a play date and my husband took my son to play golf, so it was the perfect opportunity to run to the mall for a quick shopping trip.

Below are the items I tried on. Some were hits and others were misses, but I wanted to include them all in case you see something that you like even though it didn’t work for me.


Top – Generation Love

Shorts – Pistola

I’m wearing a size small in the top and size 26 in the shorts. Both items run true to size.


Top – Splendid

Shorts – Pistola

Same shorts, different top. Shirt is a small and runs true to size.


Leggings – Varley

Tank – Varley

The BEST leggings I have ever put on! Incredibly buttery soft! Wearing a size small and they are high rise. You can see better in the next photo how high they go up. The tank I am wearing a size xsmall. I did not buy the tank as I didn’t love the fit for me.


Leggings – Varley

Sports Bra – Varley

In this photo you can see how high the leggings go up in the waist. I don’t mind it, as it gives a slimming effect but if you don’t like anything tight on your belly, it might not be a good fit for you. The sports bra is a size medium, as they didn’t have the small for me to try on. I wasn’t crazy about the fit so I only purchased the leggings.


Dress – Aqua

I really liked this dress but it seemed a little big on me. I tried on the small and it was large on top but fit on the bottom. The xsmall might’ve worked better but they did not have any available in the store.


Blazer - Wayf

Top – Wayf

Shorts - Wayf

I thought this outfit was super cute and would be really fun for a summer event. Unfortunately the sizing was off on both the top and blazer. I tried on the small but it was way too large. The xsmall could’ve worked but they didn’t have it available. Then the top was the last one in the store and it was an xsmall where I think a small might’ve fit. I think I might order these pieces online and try it again.

Did you guys like my try on session? Should I do another one? Leave me a comment or send me a message to let me know!

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