The Black Leather Jacket

leather jacket.jpg

If there is one item of clothing that is a MUST have in everyone’s closet, it would be The Black Leather Jacket! The Black Leather Jacket can be worn with any outfit, year round, no matter where you live!

The Black Leather Jacket can elevate any outfit and creates an edginess to the simplest of looks. Here I paired it with a simple sweater and jeans, but you can also add it to a feminine dress to add a masculine unexpected twist.

With so many styles and price ranges, there is a Black Leather Jacket for everyone! I have found some amazing faux leather options that look just as good as their expensive counterparts, which has allowed me to save some money - for now!

Below are some of my favorite splurge and save options:



As you can see, some of the save options look exactly the same as the splurge versions. The difference is going to be with the feel and quality. The faux versions are going to have a shorter lifespan in terms of wear, but at a lower price point, that might be fine for you. Whichever version you choose, the most important thing is how you feel when you wear it. Hope you find something you love and wear it well!

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