A Vacation To Remember

Swimsuit:  Becca  Pants:  Express  Sunglasses:  Ray Ban  Flip Flops:  Tory Burch

Swimsuit: Becca
Pants: Express
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Flip Flops: Tory Burch

December was a rough month for my family in terms of sickness. My son started off the month with a virus, gave it to my daughter, who then gave it to me.

The end of December we were set to go to Florida and I was excited to escape the cold and the germs. Little did I know, you can escape the cold but the germs will get you no matter where you go!

We headed to Florida on December 22nd for a 9 day trip of fun in the sun. The flight was quick, kids were well behaved and we arrived in sunny Florida at 4pm. After we grabbed our luggage, we rented a car and were happy to discover it was relatively new with only 3 miles on it. Things were off to a great start, or so we thought!

After driving almost an hour, my son told us that he was feeling really hot. Sometimes he gets overheated in the car so we didn’t think much of it. We told him that we would be at the hotel shortly but it was not fast enough. The next thing we knew, he was sick all over the car, car seat and himself. We pulled to the side of the road, cleaned him off as best we could and got back in the car to finish cleaning off at the hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel we found out that the villas we always stay at were not ready and we would have to stay in a room in the main hotel building. The villas are great because it is like having your own house - 2 bedrooms, living room, 2 bathrooms and a washer/dryer which would’ve been amazing given the situation.

We headed up to our room, took showers, my husband had the car shampooed, and then headed out to go to the movies. Thinking that the reason my son didn’t feel well was car sickness, we loaded up on snacks and my son went to town on Starbursts and Popcorn. An hour into the movie, he didn’t feel well and was sick again.

Instead of making him sit uncomfortably at the theater, we headed home and noticed that we were being followed by a police car. There was no siren on, so we just continued to drive until we got off on our exit. The minute we got off, the police car put on their siren and pulled us over. The police officer approached the car and told us that our car had tags to a Black Ford. My husband and I had no idea what this meant but it turns out that the car rental company had taken the license plates off of a previous car and put them on this car without registering it. The police had us waiting while they called it in for about 30 minutes. My son was hysterical crying thinking that we were going to jail! Needless to say, it was a very eventful 1st night!

The police officer finally let us go with a warning and told us to give it to the rental company. After all this excitement, we were all ready for a nice night of sleep! We settled down to go to bed and then what does my daughter see - a roach in her room! I mean could anything else happen this day! There was no way we were getting her to sleep with the roach in there, so my husband and I went on exterminator patrol. We moved around all the furniture until we finally got it out the screen door! The next day I was sure of 2 things - we were getting our villa and we were getting a new car!

The rest of the vacation was pretty relaxing until the tail end of the week when both my daughter and husband wound up getting the stomach bug! We just could not catch a break this entire month with sickness. No matter where we went, it followed us along!

Even though we did have some ups and downs, overall we did have an amazing time with perfect weather! Now I’m ready for a nice Healthy and Happy New Year!

Below are some photos I took on the healthy, drama free days!

Swimsuit:  Kisuii  Duster:  Express  Sunglasses:  Ray Ban  Bag:  Miuco

Swimsuit: Kisuii
Duster: Express
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Bag: Miuco

Dress: Shein Sunglasses:  Ray Ban

Dress: Shein
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Swimsuit:  Kenneth Cole  Sunglasses:  Ray Ban

Swimsuit: Kenneth Cole
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Swimsuit:  Becca  Sunglasses:  Ray Ban

Swimsuit: Becca
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Dress:  Asos  Shoes:  Sigerson Morrison

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