The Best of Blazers


I've had a love affair with blazers for quite some time now. They effortlessly transform an outfit from basic to chic. Blazers are a piece that you can choose to splurge or save on because the options are endless. You can find a blazer in almost any store, and at any price. 

blazer and shorts final.jpg

I have blazers in almost every color and am currently searching for pattern options to add to my wardrobe. I started with the basics - black, navy and beige. Once I found those, I moved on to other colors like red and pink. The key is to build your collection over time so you are not overwhelmed with options. 

red blazer 2.jpg

What I love most about blazers is that they become the statement piece for the outfit. The blazer pairs best with a simple outfit - tee or bodysuit and jeans - which makes styling that much easier!


Here are some of my favorite options currently available in stores:

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