Dressing for your Age

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What exactly does it mean to dress for your age? Who set these rules and why do we feel we need to follow them?

The conversation of dressing for your age recently came up when I went out to dinner with some of my girl friends. I posted a photo wearing distressed jeans and my friend asked, as a 40 year old woman, was it appropriate for her to wear them. My response was a resounding YES!!!

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At almost 40, ( I still have a year and a half to go), I started looking at my closet to determine what pieces make me feel my best and what I feel appropriate wearing. I admit that I am not wearing the same clothing that I did in my early twenties, but that is because my life has changed since then.

I have two children and live in the suburbs, so let’s be honest, I’m not out hitting the clubs anymore! Therefore my closet has changed to reflect a more low key lifestyle and those tight fitting dresses are just not a necessity. (Sorry honey!)

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That being said, if you are 40 plus and you want to rock that crop top, go for it! Just feel comfortable in what you are wearing and style it in a more mature way. One amazing gift of age is knowing your body better than ever and knowing what looks good and what should stay in the store.

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I will end on this note - distressed jeans, cut off shorts, crop tops, or any other “taboo” piece of clothing you think you shouldn’t wear as you get older is absolutely rubbish. Wear what you want and rock it your way! Embrace your hips after those kids and wear those skinny jeans! We only live once so express yourself the way you feel the most comfortable!

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Sweater: Chicwish
Bodysuit: Intimissimi
Pants: Express
Sneakers: Meline
Sunglasses: Chanel
Belt: Gucci 
Bag: Gucci

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