Stay At Home Moms – The 2nd Chapter

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This past week I went out to lunch with two girlfriends on two separate occasions. One topic that came up in both lunches was what to do now that the kids are in school full time.

When we first became stay at home moms, our days were filled with the baby’s schedule. Nap time, feeding time, play time, bed time. As our babies got a little older, we started taking classes. Our days were filled with Gymboree, Music Together and playdates. Once they became toddlers, we signed them up for nursery school. Our days revolved around getting them ready for school, running a couple of errands, and then playdates or after school activities.

Now we have school aged children. Our days revolve around getting the children ready for school and then waiting for them to get home. We fill the hours with household needs, going to the gym and an occasional lunch with friends. For me, this is the hardest time being a stay at home mom.

Before having children, I was very career driven. I went to graduate school for my MBA with the goal of becoming a Brand or Marketing Manager. I ran a highly successful brand for 2 years before having my daughter. Once I had her, I knew I couldn’t keep up with working those crazy hours and be involved in her daily routine. I decided to give up my career to focus on my family.

The first 4 months of being a stay at home mom were very difficult and isolating. Once I joined classes and made mommy friends, everything began to change. Now fast forward to the present and that feeling of isolation has returned. Long gone are the playdates and classes, replaced now with a full day of school.

I started to feel lost and a little depressed with my current situation. Here I am – upper 30’s with an MBA, sitting home doing laundry and going to the gym. I was bored and unmotivated. Then one day while having lunch with my husband, I expressed how I was feeling and we came up with the idea to start a blog.

The blog has been an amazing outlet for me. It has allowed me to feel challenged and to have a focus while the kids are in school. When the children come home, I can enjoy our time together because I get to spend the day doing something for myself.

Before writing this article, I googled Stay At Home Mom jobs. There are some great options out there, so if you are looking for something to keep you busy, and make some income, this could be an area for you to explore further. This blog is definitely not a huge money maker, (not yet anyway!) but it gives me something to focus on while the kids are in school.

So, if you are a stay at home mom of school aged children, know that feeling of being lost or isolated is normal and there are many of us that have experienced it, or are experiencing it right now. The first step to breaking out of that rut is to find something you enjoy and explore how you can incorporate that into a daily routine. Social media has its pros and cons, but I think one of its biggest pros is community. Instagram is a great way to “meet” people all over the world that share your interests. If you like to decorate your home, photograph and post it. If you like to eat or cook, photograph and post it. If you like to shop, photograph and post it. There is something for everyone!

We only live once, and it is important to lead a happy and fulfilled life. While it is ok to focus on others some of the time, it is also important to focus on yourself!

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