The Nordstrom Sale is Here

The Nordstrom sale began this past week and it was quite a crazy ordeal. I decided to shop online like I did last year to avoid the crowds. Also, some stores don't have the best inventory (like mine), so I knew the best way to get the best selection was to shop online. Well I shopped and shopped for hours, went to check out and then the site crashed!! I watched as my items began selling out and was becoming increasingly frustrated. I had dedicated my whole morning to this sale! Finally I was able to check out and my order is on its way! 

If you have not shopped the sale yet, or are still looking to add items to your cart, I broke down some of my favorites by category. Good luck and hope you get the items you love!

Pro tip - if you are unsure about an item, buy it and then return it. Nordstrom is AMAZING with returns, so it's better to be safe than sorry! 


Last year was the first time I purchased a long cardigan and I have to tell you that I am now hooked! They can be worn year round and really extend the life of your summer wardrobe. I advise picking up at least 1 this year while they are on sale so you can see for yourself!



This is a must during the sale. All of us that live in seasonal climates are going to have a cold season at some point. Why not get an amazing coat/jacket while it is significantly marked down! Again, order a couple of different ones to figure out what you like best and then return the ones you could live without. 


Another staple item and one you will get a lot of use out of in the upcoming months. This is a great area to splurge because a good pair of boots will last for years. Last year I scored a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots for 50% off!!


Jeans always sell out super fast during this sale. The mark downs are amazing and don't we all need just 1 more pair! I only picked up 1 pair this year (the first one below ), because I'm pretty set with jeans. For this section, I choose jeans that I know are good brands and fit well. 

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