Summer Savings - Affordable Online Retailers


Dress: Shein
Shoes: Sam Edelman (Similar)
Bracelet: The Fashion Foundation
Bag: Shein


As much as I love designer clothing, I don't always love the price tag that comes along with it. When you buy only designer, you will definitely have high quality clothing but most likely less items because it is expensive to build a wardrobe.

I personally prefer to have a larger selection of clothing and I also don't like to splurge on a super trendy piece that I know won't be in fashion next year. That's why when I shop for the season, I tend to purchase a mix of designer and non-designer pieces when building my wardrobe.

There are so many websites popping up now that sell affordable clothing, but when you buy online, it is hard to get a feel for what is quality and what is going to fall apart on you after one wear. The dress I am wearing above, although very pretty, is very inexpensive and I know it will only last me one summer. For this purchase, I was ok with that because I will be comfortable wearing it around the kids and not worry if it gets ruined. 

Below are some of my favorite affordable online retailers. There are many more that I am sure you can find, but these are ones that I know have good returns and I would feel comfortable purchasing from.


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