It's All In the Details


One of the most fun parts of styling an outfit is adding the details

The littlest addition - a blazer, belt, shoes - can completely transform a look. On the flip side, it can also be the downfall. Too many details can be overwhelming and distracting. The key is finding the right balance for you, and your look.


If you strip down this look, it is really pretty basic, which is a style I am leaning towards lately. I like the simplicity and the ability to wear an outfit from day to night.

The foundation of this outfit is something we all have in our closets - a tee with jeans. If you take away the blazer and put on some sneakers, you have a basic every day look. The details (blazer, belt, bag and shoes), are what transforms this outfit from day to night.


I have a little confession about these shoes. They are actually a basic black pair of pumps that I added a new product to called Straplets. Straplets were gifted to me by the founder and I think they are a great way to change up a pair of already existing shoes in your closet. These are launching in November, so definitely check them out next month!


Outfit Details

Top: Knit Riot
Pants: DL1961
Blazer: Express
Shoes: M Gemi
Sunglasses: Chanel
Bag: Gucci
Belt: Gucci

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