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Recently I was giving the opportunity to try a product called HomeDNA. Home DNA is an at home genetic testing kit that provides information on topics such as ancestry, skincare, weight management and even paternity testing.

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The kit I tested was the one for weight management. I have been very fortunate that up until now, weight management has not been a struggle for me. However, after 2 kids and not getting any younger, my metabolism is starting to slow down. I will admit that I do not have the best diet, as it is easier to grab a quick bagel or pizza, but it is something I want to change.  

The kit was easy to use, and I received my results a couple of days later. The results are broken down into extreme detail. I skimmed over most of it and dove into the topics that really interested me.

The first portion focused on exercise. Reading the exercise portion confirmed something that I have already noticed in my workouts. Due to my genetic makeup, cardio (although important) does not really have any impact on my ability to lose weight or see any significant change in my body composition. After having children, the only workout I did was Zumba. Although Zumba is fun and great for your overall health, I didn’t notice any change to my appearance. The HomeDNA test showed that strength training is where I will see my most significant changes. I have started to add Barre and Pilates to my fitness regiment and have already started to see a difference. The test also recommended that I use heavier weights. I used to take a Barbell class, but stopped (because I got lazy on Monday mornings). After seeing the test results, I realized I should get my lazy butt up and add the class back to my exercise schedule.

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The second portion focused on nutrition. Since I’ve always been on the thinner side, I never really concentrated on proper nutrition. I eat what I want and try to add some fruits and veggies here and there. The test showed me that because of my genotype, I have a higher risk for having blood levels of certain nutrients that may be low or below average. Now I must clarify that it is not saying that I am indeed low or deficient of the nutrient. It is just showing that because of my genetic makeup, these are areas that may be of risk. Only a blood test can assess your actual levels.


The results from the HomeDNA kit were very enlightening. I have already tried to create a more nutrient rich diet, as well as, a proper exercise plan to help me achieve my ideal body composition. My favorite sections in the report were the custom meal plans and custom exercise plans. I can read about proper nutrition and exercise all day long but if it is not laid out in front of me and easy to see, I probably won’t do it.

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If you want to try the kit for yourself, HomeDNA is offering a $50 discount to Fashionable Foodie readers. The promotional code is HW50.


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