Brewology295 - Port Jefferson, NY

One rainy Sunday morning, my family and I headed to Port Jefferson so the kids could play at Fun 4 All. Fun 4 All is a great space that has an indoor playground, bouncy houses and games for the kids. After playing for a while, it was getting close to lunchtime, so we googled some food options in the area.

Bobbique - Patchogue, NY

Located in the town of Patchogue is one of Long Island’s oldest barbecue joints. It opened June 2006 and has been a staple on Main Street ever since. People come from all over to sample Bobbique’s fresh dry rubbed meats that are smoked to perfection in “The Pit.”

Walls Wharf - Bayville, NY

Located in the town of Bayville is a scenic summery spot where you can practically dine on the beach. It is the ideal restaurant for little ones, as parents can lounge at the table drinking margaritas, while their children can run around collecting seashells or building sandcastles.

Burgerology - Rockville Centre & Huntington, NY

Milkshakes and burgers have been the hottest food trends for the past year and there are no signs of it slowing down. Restaurants are popping up all over trying to capture some of the success that Black Tap NYC has achieved and I’m happy to report that Burgerology has succeeded in this goal.

Kerber's Farm - Huntington, NY

Summer and lobster rolls go hand and hand. The beautiful weather makes you want to eat something light and fresh and there is no better dish that accomplishes that than the lobster roll. I’ve had many lobster rolls in my life and by far my favorite was located in Maine. That was until I discovered Kerber’s Farm in Huntington, Long Island!

Jackson's Restaurant - Commack, NY

One of the first restaurants my husband and I dined at when we moved to Long Island was Jackson’s Restaurant in Commack. Jackson’s Restaurant features an extensive menu in a low-key setting, making it a perfect restaurant selection for any time of day.

The Refuge - Food & Spirits - Melville, NY

One of my favorite restaurants when I first moved to Long Island was Four Food Studio in Melville. I loved the atmosphere and especially enjoyed the DJ and dancing aspect. I actually celebrated my 30th birthday there and brought all my Brooklyn girls to Long Island to celebrate. Over the years Four Food Studio started to decline and was not really drawing in the crowds. The owners decided to close the doors on Four Food Studio and completely renovate the space. The new restaurant is called The Refuge.

Yogurtini - Smithtown, NY

Where can you find acai bowls, cookie dough and self-serve yogurt in one location? Yogurtini in Smithtown! Yogurtini carries the hottest trending dishes that are not just pretty to look at, but delicious to eat!

Soul Brew - Saint James, NY

Located in the town of Saint James is a quaint coffee shop creating unique lattes and delicious dishes. I discovered this coffee shop by a recommendation from one of their regular customers, Debbi Spiegel.  

Waterzooi Belgian Bistro - Garden City, NY

It’s Superbowl Sunday morning and my husband and I are trying to figure out what to do with the kids to get them out of the house before the game tonight. We always try to plan something that is fun for them and squeeze in something that we would enjoy as well. We wanted to go for brunch since we knew we would be eating lots of food once our Superbowl party started. After brainstorming a little bit, we came up with the perfect plan – Waterzooi for brunch and then the Children’s museum for the kids. 

Rustic Root - Woodbury, NY

When I first became a mother, my days consisted of Mommy & Me classes and then lunch with the moms after class. Our favorite restaurant for lunch with the babies was Laguna Grill in Woodbury. It was a laid- back environment and nobody cared if your baby was crying in the corner (which mine was most of the time!) As my daughter aged we went back to Laguna Grill all the time for the kids eat free menu. I was so disappointed when this restaurant closed. This disappointment quickly subsided when an amazing farm to table restaurant took its place.

Neraki Greek Mediterranean Grill - Huntington, NY

Huntington Village is home to amazing restaurants and shopping. In this little town, one can find everything from upscale restaurants, to more casual type dining. I will have many posts attributed to the town of Huntington because there is really no other town in Long Island quite like it.

Robinson's Tea Room - Stony Brook, NY

Parent/Teacher conference day at my daughter's school gave me a rare opportunity to have a day alone with her. I've always loved Alice's Tea Cup and was prepared to head to the city when my friends told me about this amazing tea room right here in Long Island!