How I Curl My Hair

I started curling my hair about 15 years ago and was never very good at it. I would use a standard curling iron and the curls never seemed to take. My friend suggested spraying hairspray on each piece of hair before I curled it, which seemed to do the trick, but who wants a head filled with hairspray every day?

Eventually I purchased better curling irons and my hair started to take on the curls much better but it would take me an hour to curl my whole head. I decided to go online to find the best curling iron and my search ended with The Beachwaver.

The Beachwaver is what the stylists use on the Victoria Secret models. Hey if it’s good enough for them, it is definitely good enough for me! The Beachwaver is a little pricey, but once you watch the video below, you will see it is well worth the price!

Pamela LiptonComment